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Nº1 Great Place To Work in our sector in Spain

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International and dynamic

Our work is international, dynamic, specialized, and full of challenges.


Not one day is the same. With us, ‘you learn on the job’ and you are expected to pick up new topics quickly and good. You work in a team and you can always brainstorm with colleagues in order to deliver quality.


You will quickly have direct contact with clients. That way we can take swift action and clients appreciate that. We are proud of our beautiful offices and we are a certified Great Place to Work.


Nº1 Great Place To Work in our sector in Spain

EuroEconomics has demonstrably by far the highest Great Place to Work score in our sector in Spain.


We consider it absolutely important to be a good employer and we want to guarantee a good (brain)balance between work and private life.



Some examples to get an impression of our team and EuroEconomics:

Disclaimer: we are not always dancing and celebrating, sometimes you also will have to work :).

Do you have a drive to deliver a perfect service?


To be able to optimally deploy yourself and to have an added value to our team and our clients, the following requirements are important:

  • passion for Spain and its regions.
  • A dynamic, studious, open and international attitude.
  • Good language skills with at least a perfect Spanish and English.
  • Other languages valued, in particular Dutch and German.
  • An education at college or university level.
  • Relevant work experience of at least three years in Spain.
  • To be able to adopt different subjects and take responsibility for them.
  • Good teamwork
  • pleasant and positive attitude and…
  • The drive to deliver our clients a perfect service!

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EuroEconomics Barcelona

Rambla de Catalunya 25, Barcelona
+34 93 215 12 23


EuroEconomics Alicante

Calle Benlliure 2, La Nucia | Alicante
+34 96 502 07 76


EuroEconomics Girona

Rambla Vidal 15, St. Feliu | Girona
+34 97 232 22 52


EuroEconomics Madrid

Príncipe de Vergara 73, Madrid
+34 91 521 73 48


EuroEconomics Mallorca

San Miguel 46, Palma de Mallorca
Tel. +34 97 12 27 959


EuroEconomics Marbella

Calle Jacinto Benavente 23, Marbella
+34 95 285 93 80


EuroEconomics Santander

Isabel de Catolica 1, Santander
+34 94 215 02 55


EuroEconomics Sevilla

Calle Bailen 24, Sevilla
+34 95 466 91 36


IFAR Insurance & Finance

Rambla de Catalunya 25, Barcelona
+34 93 176 27 28


OTIS Legal Group Spain

Rambla de Catalunya 73, Barcelona
+34 93 272 50 98


EuroEconomics Holding

Rambla de Catalunya 25, Barcelona
+34 93 100 42 04