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“Young and dynamic since 1996”


History: bedrooms, terraces and sea views

Euro Economics was founded in 1996 in Barcelona by Jeroen Oskam to assist foreign companies in Spain with accountancy and tax returns. Initially the office was just a small bedroom at home, but already in 2000 we went to a nice office with large terrace and views over Barcelona and the sea.


In 2002 the team consisted of 5 employees and with Dick Roest we started Euro Economics Madrid. In 2004 followed Euro Economics Marbella with Barbara Ingenbleek. Euro Economics now had branches in the three main regions for foreigners in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella.

Wow, it seems to work!

Over the years several tax, legal and compliance services for companies were added and foreign individuals became also welcome for their tax returns and real estate purchase. In 10 years Euro Economics had developed into an all-round and one of the most specialized service provider for foreign companies and individuals in Spain.


Meanwhile (2005) an equity stake was also taken in Ibersupport, a company specialized in bookkeeping and salary administration for foreign companies which started in 2002 as an 0ne man company by Edwin van der Westen. After a robust growth and increasing collaboration with Euro Economics, Ibersupport completely merged with Euro Economics in 2013. In 2015, the name converted to Euro Economics Girona.


In 2017 we opened Euro Economics Alicante with the purpose of having a point of contact for foreign companies and foreigners established or living in the Costa Blanca.


The five offices in Alicante, Barcelona, Girona, Madrid and Marbella are now known as the Euro Economics Group. General management is carried out by Edwin van de Westen and Jeroen Oskam.

Present: Clients from five continents

Euro Economics has a team of more than 50 colleagues with accountants, tax advisors, lawyers, payroll administrators and client support staff.


We have assisted foreign companies throughout Spain with shareholders from five continents and we have become a leading advisor for foreign consultants, individuals and special occupational groups such as foreign pilots, athletes and artists who live or work in Spain.


Euro Economics is currently the biggest independent firm in Spain specialized in assisting foreign enterprises and foreign individuals on tax, legal and financial matters.


We have beautiful offices in the center of the places we are located, a pleasant workplace where we are happy to welcome you.

Future: ambitious!

Our goal is to continue with the philosophy we have maintained since Euro Economics was founded, namely to have the crucial knowledge in-house to have maximum control over the quality and not having to depend on third parties.


We gladly are and remain the ‘International Quality Partner in Spain’ for our clients.

More information?

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EuroEconomics Barcelona

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EuroEconomics Alicante

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EuroEconomics Girona

Rambla Vidal 15, St. Feliu | Girona
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EuroEconomics Madrid

Príncipe de Vergara 73, Madrid
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EuroEconomics Mallorca

San Miguel 46, Palma de Mallorca
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EuroEconomics Marbella

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EuroEconomics Santander

Isabel de Catolica 1, Santander
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EuroEconomics Sevilla

Calle Bailen 24, Sevilla
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IFAR Insurance & Finance

Rambla de Catalunya 25, Barcelona
+34 93 176 27 28


OTIS Legal Group Spain

Rambla de Catalunya 73, Barcelona
+34 93 272 50 98


EuroEconomics Holding

Rambla de Catalunya 25, Barcelona
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