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What country are you from?

Especially if you want to emigrate to Spain, it makes a difference whether you come in the first six months or the second six months and buy your house.


It is also important whether your country of residence has a tax treaty with Spain and what the specific clauses are for emigrating to Spain or just buying a second home in Spain.


Of course, your family situation also plays a role, as well as whether you have children or other heirs in your current country.

Investors and unstoppable entrepeneurs

There are professional real estate companies that buy entire buildings as an investment, but there also seem to be many (ex) entrepreneurs who can’t resist and go bargain hunting in Spain.


In those situations, it is recommended to buy the property in Spain with a Spanish company, with as shareholder possibly a company in the home country where, in case of several investors, the shareholder agreements can also be made.


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