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Euro Economics Girona

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Euro Economics Girona was founded in 2002 by Edwin van der Westen with the name Ibersupport. In 2005, the sole proprietorship transformed into a limited liability company and Jeroen Oskam, founder of Euro Economics, took a share in the company.

With a small team Ibersupport seemed already to be able so deliver a high level of quality specially on payroll services and the office grew fast. For other needs of these clients, like tax and legal services, Ibersupport and EuroEconomics worked close together and finally, in 2013, Ibersupport merged with Euro Economics.

In 2015 the name was converted to Euro Economics Girona and the current directors are Edwin van der Westen and Niels van der Linden.

Payroll and HR services for international retail chains

Our Girona office is specialized in providing payroll services to retail chains in Spain of major international brands and to fast-growing internet start-ups.

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