Our mission



We make it easy & awesome

Our mission


“To make doing business and living in Spain easier for foreign companies and people, by pro-active informing and taking care of their compliance obligations”



Our mission is a ‘win-win’:

  • We want our clients to do well and to enjoy Spain: success and well-being for our clients.
  • And the jobs they create, the investments they make and the spending they do are beneficial for Spain: welfare for Spain.

And it is obvious that if we do that successfully, the better it is for us too :).

Our values


To empower a mission you need strong values, This is who we are:

  • We have an international focus, an open mind and are interested in other countries, cultures and opinions.
  • We believe in teaming, we want to work in a pleasant and involved manner with our clients.
  • We provide quality. We want to be the best at what we do. We invest in our team, tools and knowledge.
  • We want our work to be clear and clever. We deal with complex issues, but we want our clients to be able to understand our information at a single glance. We make it easy.

We have defined our values with our own team, with workshops and experts to guide us.


Our values are out of our heart, they help us to attract and select new great colleagues, to attract and select great clients and they make us proud of our company.

More information?


Would you like more information about our mission, vision, strategy and goals? We are more than happy to inform you about these very interesting subjects.


Send us your question, you are very welcome.

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