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International Sport Desk Spain

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Beautiful shirts from our galary signed by our clients themselves:


Best coach in the world (Frank Rijkaard, FC Barcelona, 2006, he won everything …), world cycling champion (Julius Johansen, team pursuit, 2020) , best female footballer in the world (Lieke Martens, FC Barcelona, 2017) …


For tax and financial matters in Spain they trust in EuroEconomics.

World champions, Olympic champions …

We have unique expertise on the financial, tax and legal guidance of foreign athletes in Spain:

  • Soccer, hockey, cycling, golf, basketball, coaches, athletes, …
  • Best chosen player of the world, best chosen goal keeper of the world, best chosen soccer coach of the world …
  • Clubs, national sport institutes, sport agents, sport advisors …
  • National champions, European champions, world champions, Champions League winners and Olympic champions …

We act particularly as a local contact and expert in Spain for the consultant or agent in the athlete’s home country.


When it comes to tax regulations, tax returns, contract reviews, redundancy handling, we have the relevant Spanish knowledge.

Football club acquisition Spain

As one of the few specialised international firms in Spain we have handled the entire process of due diligence, counseling, incorporation sport entity, integration club and management of a football club.


If your club or investment fund is interested in acquiring a football club in Spain, please contact us in an early stage and we can guide you through the Spanish labyrinth.

Tax Legal Finance Sport  ·  We know the way in Spain

Best of EuroEconomics is that we help you all the way. The more complex the tax studies you ask us to carry out, the happier we are, but if you need special bank/financial services for your athletes we know them too. The same for insurances or real estate agents.


Important is that we don’t work with commission arrangements, we are independent and want to offer atheletes, clubs and their advisors the best services in Spain.


Our core business is to offering and provide excellent and confidential tax, legal and financial services to the top of the market.

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