Tax Returns Spain



Tax Returns Spain

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We prepare all types of tax returns for foreign individuals in Spain. Both for residents in Spain as for non-residents with a holiday home for personal use or rental purposes in Spain.


The main tax returns for individuals include the income tax, the wealth tax and the foreign assets reporting. But we can also assist you with the preparation of the estate or gift tax returns.



If you reside outside of Spain, and own a holiday home for personal use, you have to submit an annual tax return on your own initiative. If rent out your holiday home, you have to submit a tax return for each quarter the property has been rented out.

An inheritance located in Spain or a gift from a relative who resides in Spain, may lead to tax obligations.

Our Philosophy

We avoid taking unnecessary risks. As long as you submit your tax returns correctly and on time, you will have nothing to worry about and you can simply enjoy Spain.


Free downloads

We have English information on all these tax returns available and are glad to be of service. In the side bar of this page you will find free downloads. Please feel free to download the information you consider interesting and if you have questions, you are very welcome to adress them to us.

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