Euro Economics Mallorca

Accountancy & Compliance for foreign companies

For the happy few on Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza

Euro Economics Mallorca

Exclusive services for high net worth foreigners

EuroEconomics Mallorca is dedicated to high net worth foreigners who live or want to buy houses on the Balearic Islands Formentera, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.


Our legal department is specialized in making it easy and safe for our clients to buy houses in the abslotute top market of the Balearic Islands. And our tax department is specialized in tax returns for foreigners in Spain with international income and properties and investments in other countries (no tax paradises).


Our clients are from the West- and North European countries and from the USA, Canada and Australia.

Real time accountancy & compliance for international entrepreneurs

We offer accountancy services, tax returns and compliance services for foreign enterpreneurs in Spain.


We offer a personalized service and we work with the most modern real time and artificial intelligence software. We will safe you time so you can focus on your core business.


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EuroEconomics Mallorca

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