Emigration to Spain

Insight in your new tax situation

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Emigration to Spain

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New country, new taxes

Emigrating to Spain has fiscal consequences,  both for the income and wealth tax as for the inheritence and gift.


From a tax perspective the emigration moment and the distribution of income and assets in the different countries are of interest. This is especially important for people with high income, high wealth, expatriates and international family situations, such as heirs in other countries.

Insight into your new tax situation

It is important to have an early insight on your new situation. The wealth tax can be particularly high in some parts of Spain. If you know what you will be dealing with, you can plan both your own situation and the situation for your heirs.


If you are considering moving to Spain, you usually consult with your local accountant or tax adviser. Professional advisers will often have contact with specialists in Spain to review the Spanish situation. This is where we would like to be your quality partner in Spain.


We will gladly work together with your adviser to provide advice concerning Spain.


If you are living in Spain and you are considering to remigrate, it’s important to know the special arrangements Spain has. This certainly applies if you own a property that you want to sell. Proper planning can save you tens of thousands of euros in taxes.


Get the best advice, it can save you a lot of money.

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