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Posted at March 22, 2018, in Tax returns Spain, Foreign assets, Emigrating to Spain, Erven and Donate, Inspections, Individuals, Pension, Sports & Entertainment, Real Estate, Working, Home

Spain is at the forefront of automatic international exchange of tax data. In 2014 we already published about initiatives for automatic data exchange with 54 countries.

How current this is is shown by an interesting article on this topic that was published yesterday in De Standaard. Read here how the Belgian tax authorities exchanged more than one million information about taxpayers with other countries.

Which data is exchanged?

The automatic data exchange initiative covers bank accounts, shares, deposits, insurance, etc.

Information is also provided about those in whose name these accounts and products are located and who have actual control over the accounts and assets.

Want to know more about automatic data exchange?

Read our article from 2014 with background information about this proactive measure to prevent tax avoidance.

Our advice: avoid getting annoying inspections and ensure that your tax returns are complete and in perfect order.

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We take care of the declarations for our relations with this approach. This has the additional advantage for our relations that they can sleep peacefully and therefore enjoy Spain even more.

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