(English) Madrid Tax Haven in Spain?

Madrid continues to implement tax cuts

Reduction in inheritance tax Madrid

  • Madrid plans to reduce the inheritance tax between siblings, as well as between uncles/aunts and nephews/nieces. Reductions of 15% and 10% will apply on the calculated inheritance tax.
  • A reduction of 99% already applies for the tax on inheritances between parents and children in Madrid.

Regional differences, Madrid advantageous

In Spain, the 17 autonomous regions are allowed to apply tax rates that deviate from the general rates.

  • The wealth tax is in its entirety exempt in Madrid.
  • The income tax rates in Madrid are among the lowest in Spain.

Emigrate to Madrid?

Foreigners who decide to emigrate to Spain, often prefer to live close to the seaside. However, apart from a bustling city life and the central location in Spain (the seaside and winter sport locations are only a few hours’ drive away), the fiscal climate could also be a reason to include Madrid on the short list.

For more information about Madrid, click Madrid, Wikipedia.

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