All Spanish companies are required to have a salary register

As of this year, all Spanish companies are required to have a salary register. This amounts to a very simplified version of a gender equality plan that we have written about in previous newsletters, which is only compulsory for companies with more than 100 employees (from next year also for companies with more than 50 employees).

Salary register

Every Spanish company must have a salary register in which the distribution of salaries between male and female staff is defined.

This register must comply with a number of legal obligations regarding its content and calculation and it must be updated every year. Staff representatives and employees (with certain restrictions) may request access to the register.

Companies with more than 50 employees are also obliged to substantiate any deviations in excess of 25%.

Relations of EuroEconomics do not have to take any action. We will ensure that the relevant registers are drawn up and will send them to our customers in the course of the coming month of May.


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