Supponor & Euro Economics

Supponor (UK) develops innovative technologies for billboards at sports events that are broadcasted worldwide in different countries and continents.

For example, at the exact same time, a tele viewer in England will see an advert for a European beer brand, a tele viewer in Asia an advert for an Asian airline, and a viewer in the United States one for an American supermarket, etc. These ads do not appear right-hand corner of the television screen, but they actually appear on the billboards next to the field. This is appealing for advertisers and can increase the advertising revenues.

Do you want to see how this works? Take a look at this video.

Given the international reputation of the Spanish Football League, with the leading clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Supponor is off course also present in Spain. Euro Economics was selected to develop the Spanish back office for accounting and tax obligations.

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