Update C19 Spain: Tax payments April to May for small companies

Spain has confirmed the expected decision on tax deferral. For companies with a turnover of up to 600,000 euros. Have you already presented your tax returns? No problem, the Spanish tax authorities will automatically collect taxes on May 20.

New direct debit date: May 20

Companies and autónomos with a turnover of less than 600,000 euros in 2019 can postpone the payment of all taxes until May 20.

VAT, payroll and profit tax

This applies to the VAT (IVA), income and professional tax (IRPF) and – if applicable – the corporate income tax return (IS).

New deadline for submitting tax declarations: May 15

The deadline for presenting returns by direct debit has been postponed to May 15.

Have you already submitted your tax declaration?

Declarations for payment by direct debit that have already been submitted, will not be collected automatically until May 20, according to the tax authorities.


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