(English) Investors in Spain looking for hotels at bargain prices

Hotel market: opportunities expected due to lack of liquidity


After the first corona shock, investment funds are now busy and determined to capitalize on the COVID19 pandemic, by buying hotel assets with large discounts. The hotel sector is the sector most affected by the virus and the mobility restrictions, and hotel companies in need of liquidity may have to sell assets. 

Investment funds like the American Apollo and Oaktree, the British Henderson Park and Round Hill, or the Swiss Pictet seem to be waiting for the market to open up. At the moment not many owners are willing to offer their hotels assets at bargain prices, they rather wait a bit longer, before taking this decision. But some experts state that some smaller and medium sized hotel groups already experience difficulties because of the lack of income and they may have to take steps in the next coming months.


Bigger portfolios not available yet

Other groups are expected to start selling once the situation stabilizes and once it will be harder to get financing. Experts say only smaller transactions have taken place up until now, but they believe it will take more time for bigger portfolios to be offered on the market. Investors are waiting for groups and companies forced to sell because of the financial pressure.

Source: Expansión.

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