(English) Spain facilitates ‘Start-Ups’

Spain goes USA

Spain wants to facilitate Start-Ups for more innovation, more high-quality employment and better connection with the developments in the society.

In order to align new legislation with the needs of the sector, exploratory meetings are held with representatives of business associations, digital economy, corporate investors and risk capital.

Tax & Legal facilities Start-Ups

The focus of the tax and legal facilities according to the first information will be:

  • Promoting the Start-Up business model.
  • Promoting innovations.
  • The specific financing needs during the first phases of operation.
  • Providing tax facilities (not yet named).
  • Benefits regarding social insurance contributions.

Barcelona hot spot

Specially Barcelona has been a hot spot and an international reference for years for facilitating Start-Ups:

  • There is a special ‘Silicon Valley District’ in Barcelona, @ 22, where Start-Ups are facilitated.
  • There are municipal initiatives such as Barcelona Activa that guide Start-Ups.
  • There is an influx of foreign Start-Ups that attract international talent and provide a snowball effect and an infrastructure focused on Start-Ups.

In addition, Barcelona was voted the first European Capital of Innovation (2014).

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