(English) Number of Spaniards regularly shopping online going down

In the digital era, the number of people who make purchases online on a regular basis is actually decreasing in Spain. This becomes clear in the Barometer Shopperview of the Aecoc, the Spanish organisation for manufacturers and distributors.

Only 2.4% of the Spaniards, 1% less than last year, regularly do their shopping online.

However, the number of online purchases is increasing among those who use this channel as a second channel. In that case, the number of users increases from 3.3 percent to 4 percent, although this does not compensate for the decrease among the ‘heavy users’.

23.4% buy online

If those who have ‘bought something’ in the past six months are also included (growth from 16.7 to 17 percent), it appears that the total number of online buyers remains roughly the same as last year: 23.4 percent.

The research confirms earlier analyzes such as those of Kantar Worldpanel, which states that in the field of food, online sales are not really taking off well and that they only represent 2% of all sales in Spain.

Grocery store

Of the respondents, 80% do their grocery shopping every week at the supermarket, firstly because they are nearby (23.7%), secondly because of the price (17%) and thirdly because of the quality of the products (7.7%). 66% of all food purchases are made in supermarkets and 13.8% in discount stores. This is followed by the so-called hypermarkets with 13.6%. The latter are best appreciated by users.

Healthy increasingly important

For the coming year, so-called ‘health articles’ are expected to become increasingly important. The research shows that 45.6% of people plan to buy more healthy products next year. 32.3% of people go for low-fat products and low-sugar foods, while 30.8% plan to buy more organic items.

Source: Expansión.