Spanish government has presented a de-escalation plan

Spanish government has presented a de-escalation plan for the country’s lockdown for (at least) the next 8 weeks, consisting of 4 phases.

The keywords of economic measures are shown in bold.

Phase 0: Prior

This is the stage the country is currently in. During this phase, some light relief measures will be taken:

  • Children can go outside (already introduced).
  • May, 2: Individual outdoor sports.
  • May, 4: Small business are allowed to open by appointment and for individual customer care only.
  • May 4: Customers are allowed to collect food from bars and restaurantsby appointment.

Phase 1: Initial

It has been announced for the time being that this phase could start in all provinces on 11 May, provided the figures go well. Main steps:

  • Commercial buildings and shops with the exception of shopping centers may be opened generally, but capacity is limited to 30%, with a minimum distance of 2 meters between customers. If this is not possible, only one customer may enter the store. Special opening hours will be established for those over 65.
  • Bars and restaurants are allowed to open their terraces up to 30% of their capacity (customers are not allowed inside).
  • Hotels may be reopened with the exception of common areas (eg breakfast room).
  • People can return to their second homes, but only in case the property is located within the same province.
  • Churches and places of worship are allowed to open again to a limited extent (30% of the capacity).

Phase 2: Intermediate

The most important measures during the next phase are:

  • Restaurants and bars will be allowed also indoors again, but at 30% of the capacity and with sufficient distance between customers.
  • Cinemas, theaters and auditoriums are allowed to open for a third, as are museums and conference rooms.
  • Outdoor concerts and events are permitted again for up to 400 (seated) visitors. Inside the maximum is 50 people.
  • The resumption of professional sports competitions is allowed.

Phase 3: Open

During this last phase, Spain returns to the “new normal”:

  • Commerce, restaurants, bars and hotels can increase their capacity by 50% as long as the distance of 2 meters between people is respected.
  • During this phase, mobility is again possible between provinces.

When will the next phase start?

Although no specific dates have been set, there is an approximate timetable:

  • Phase 0: 04/05 – 10/05
  • Phase 1: 11/05 – 24/05
  • Phase 2: 25/05 – 07/06
  • Phase 3: 08/06 – 21/06

It will be determined per province whether the conditions for the next phase are met. The timeframe of the different phases will for this reason be different per province. The government has also indicated that there must be at least 2 weeks between 2 phases.

Throughout phase 0, the preparation of all public establishments will be intensified with signage and protective measures to be prepared for the start of phase 1.

We keep you informed.


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